Meditating Lion - Small


They each have a personalized Chinese character etched into the back of their robe. The symbol represents each beings primary attribute. The Meditating Lion’s symbol is Courage.


The product tag reads: “Those who connect with this Zen Creation are Progressive, Empowering and Domestic in Spirit … or they just love lions.Keep this sculpture near as a lasting reminder of all which is good in you. May your life be filled with Courage”


There are many reasons why our customers are drawn to Zen Creations, whether it is a common affection towards a particular animal or a more complex spiritual connection. These tranquil creations share a few essential traits which make them visually appealing to people of all walks of life. Every Zen Creation sculpture possesses a sense of calm, an abnormally large head and a robust belly…this mishmash of delight simply make people happy.


Hand crafted in the USA of solid, durable cast-stone. Sealed for outdoor use.


  • 3″ tall by 2.5″ wide and 1/2 lb
  • Available in a variety of colors – shown in Old Stone

Meditating Lion Figure - Small

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