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Mudpuppy - The Great Outdoors — 64 Piece Puzzle


Search & Find Puzzle Jigsaw Puzzle Featuring Diverse Wildlife Animals and Plants and Over 40 Hidden Images to Find for Ages 4+

  • 12.5"L x 9"W
  • 64 jigsaw pieces




About this item

  • ⛰️SEARCH & FIND – The Great Outdoors Search & Find Puzzle from Mudpuppy is a 64 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle that highlights the exotic biodiversity of the wild! Putting the puzzle together is only half the fun! When the puzzle is completed, kids can test their observation skills to find more than 40 plants and animals native to the outdoors hidden in the puzzle image. The puzzle is a great activity for kids to do alone or for families to join in and solve the puzzle together, all while creating a positive bonding experience for young ones.
  • ⛰️ARTWORK – The puzzle features a vibrant image of famous wild animals like Squirrels, Raccoons, Turtles, and more! The image creates a visually captivating experience for children that sparks curiosity and imagination. The artwork is simple yet engaging for children, so they can improve their visual recognition skills while learning about the incredible biodiversity of the outdoors. The puzzle is a fantastic way for kids to explore the wonders of nature and engage in an immersive learning experience.
  • ⛰️EDUCATIONAL – The Great Outdoors Search And Find Puzzle adds educational value to adventure for children working on the puzzle. Kids will learn to scan and analyze the puzzle to find hidden objects, boosting their cognitive and problem solving skills. The puzzle features over 40 hidden items for kids to find, so they can develop important skills like observation, attention to detail, and visual discrimination. The puzzle is also a great way to introduce new vocabulary, improve memory, and enhance concentration. A perfect puzzle for at home or the classroom!
  • ⛰️FAMILY BONDING – Families can work together to search for hidden objects and encourage young ones to challenge themselves. The puzzle makes a great family activity and helps to improve communication and bonding as everyone works towards a common goal! Instead of relying on screen time or electronic devices, the puzzle is an interactive and fun tool that provides a screen free experience for young ones to help pass the time and encourage learning while keeping them entertained
  • ⛰️MUDPUPPY - For over 25 years, Mudpuppy has created quality non-digital puzzles, games and toys for children and families that facilitate creative play and imaginative thinking. One of our core design principles is to engage kids and promote learning without the use of digital screens or technology. Mudpuppy is committed to designing and producing eco-friendly products that have a minimal carbon footprint. All Mudpuppy products adhere to CPSIA, ASTM, and CE Safety Regulations

Mudpuppy - The Great Outdoors - 64 Piece Puzzle

SKU: 9780735378902
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