Beautifully nestled in a gold-accented giftable box, this Hand Creme Trio includes three of Thymes' favorite premium fragrances. Our richly blended cremes deeply condition to leave skin soft, moisturized and lightly scented. These portable, TSA-approved hand cremes are perfect for yourself or gift-giving.



  • Lavender (Velvety Lavender, Warm Rosewood, & Earthy Violet)
  • Eucalyptus White Tea (Bright Eucalyptus, Herbaceous White Tea, & Fresh Fir Needle)
  • Neroli Sol (Sun Kissed Neroli, Sweet Valencia Orange Blossom, & Tepid Salty Sea Air)

Thymes - Hand Cream Trio - Lavender, Eucalyptus White Tea, Neroli Sol

SKU: 18189-03