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Brighton - Intrigue Spacer Gold

The craftsmanship and design of the Intrigue Spacer (golden hues and fine quality crystals) is uniquely Brighton. Its place within the rest of your collection makes it uniquely yours.


Style: #J99952

Collection: Intrigue

Color: Silver-Gold

Width: 1/4"

Height: 1/4"

Material: Fine quality crystal

Finish: Two Tone


We have a double coating of lacquer finish on all of our jewelry items so all you need is just a few tips to keep your jewelry looking good from season to season.
To keep it clean, just wipe down your piece with a dry 100% cotton cloth
Tuck the piece away when not wearing
Keep it away from water, jewelry cleaners, and harsh chemicals
It is not designed to be worn 24/7, so give your beautiful piece a break once in a while.

Brighton - Intrigue Spacer Gold

SKU: J99952
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